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I guess what I'm mainly looking for is to cha... I've been thinking about making an account here for a while, YOLO. Really just looking for fun girls to flirt with and maybe more if we get along well.

This camera boasts auto-exposure, versatility of 3 photo formats, lens interchangeability, extensive ISO range and multiple exposure capability—features that make this camera a true film photography pioneer!

Equally worrying are reports that hackers could use the webcam on your laptop without even triggering the embedded warning light that indicates to the owner that the camera is in use.

Once they’ve gained access to your webcam, a hacker can then go on to trade or sell access to it on hidden websites and password protected chat rooms.

Michelle Varsallona started writing professionally in 2009.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in literature from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

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