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The report of forested areas on the strange new coast encouraged further explorations by Norse colonists from Greenland, whose settlements lacked lumber.In AD 1000 Leif Ericson became the first European to land in North America (see Ericson).Talk will provide you with the statistics of websites such as, page rank, traffic stats, alexa rank, and more.But we rely on our users to tell the real story about a website's strengths or shortcomings.Hear the real truth from people that have visited that site.Write your own website reviews about the site you frequent and share your thoughts.

Customized threads are one of our specialties but the ability to supply our customers with a variety of products and services is an important priority at Threadall.At last, a website that allows users hear what other people think about any given website.If you want the an accurate opinion about a site, you no longer have to fall victim to a savy sales pitch or fancy design that a site has come up with.The complete history of neither Canada nor the United States can be studied without reference to the history of the other. Each, however, achieved its independence by a completely different path--Canada by gradual constitutional change spread over many years, the United States by a single great War of Independence.Discovery of Canada The earliest discovery of the New World was made by Norse seafarers known as Vikings.

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