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Population: 17,500,000 GDP Per Capita (PPP): ,620 Economy: Mixed statist Ranking on UN HDI: 106 out of 177 Polity: Dominant party (military-dominated) Literacy: Male 91.0% / Female 74.2% Percent Women Economically Active: 29.2% Date of Women's Suffrage: 1949 (to vote), 1953 (restrictions lifted) Women's Fertility Rate: 3.8 Percent Urban/Rural: Urban 50% / Rural 50% Nondiscrimination and Access to Justice: 2.7 Autonomy, Security, and Freedom of the Person: 2.2 Economic Rights and Equal Opportunity: 2.8 Political Rights and Civic Voice: 2.2 Social and Cultural Rights: 2.3 (Scale of 1 to 5: 1 represents the lowest and 5 the highest level of freedom women have to exercise their rights) Syria gained its independence from France in 1946 and today is a republic under a military regime.

In 1963, the Ba'ath Party led a successful military coup and has since governed Syria with a pan-Arab, nationalist, secular, and socialist ideology that infiltrates all aspects of public life.

Syrians do not have the right to change their government.

The Syrian constitution, ratified in 1973, guarantees the Ba'ath Party's dominance in the People's Assembly – Syria's parliament – by reserving assembly seats for members of the Ba'ath Party and the National Progressive Front (NPF), the umbrella group of Syrian parties of which the Ba'ath Party is the legal head.

Mothers and fathers are on legal standing until one or the other gives up or is denied full custody rights. Bottom line, until you have signed a custody agreement or a judge has handed down a custody opinion, each parent has the same legal rights when it comes to where a child lives, who the child lives with and anything regarding the child.

This legal guidance addresses behaviour which is repeated and unwanted by the victim and which causes the victim alarm or distress.

Cases involving stalking and harassment can be difficult to prosecute, and because of their nature are likely to require sensitive handling, especially with regard to victim care.

This is to ensure that their safety and support needs are addressed throughout the criminal case (and sometimes beyond) and to reduce the risk they face as a result of the offending.

In many circumstances, cases of stalking and harassment will come within the definition of 'domestic violence' and as such the CPS Domestic Violence Policy and legal guidance will also be relevant.

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When you are living apart, you are classed as separated by the Inland Revenue and by the Benefits Agency. It follows the same court procedure as divorce and the court retains the power to settle financial disputes with the exception of pension splitting.

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