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This green fluorescence explains why an example of Vaseline glass that looks yellow under incandescent lighting might take on a greenish tinge when viewed outdoors. Some uranium-containing glass does not fluoresce under ultraviolet light, e.g., the yellow glass "gemstone" does not fluoresce under UV despite the fact that it contains uranium!An analysis indicates that all the pictured items contain natural uranium except the tube on the right which contains depleted uranium.Perhaps the most reliable way to identify the presence of uranium in the glass is to expose it in the dark to a source of ultraviolet light (e.g., a black light).If the glass glows a rich green color, it contains uranium.I’m seeing a new interest in it.” “Milk glass” is a general term for opaque colored glass.Though the name would lead you to believe it, white wasn’t the only color produced.

We've had pink and amber and it came in green, blue and iridescent colors.

These cognoscenti might describe it as Depression Glass, a less desirable commodity.

Vaseline glass is a recent term that probably dates from the 1950s.

It mostly came in accessory pieces, like the candy jar shown, plus you can collect a small lunch set.

American Sweetheart Depression Glass Maker: Mac Beth Evans Date Produced: 1930 to 1936 Colors: Pink and translucent monax white.

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Federal Glass: Pioneer Clear Depression Glass Bowl Fruit Center Crimped Federal Glass Pioneer Clear Depression Glass Bowl Fruit Center Crimped Depression glass clear glass bowl in the Pioneer pattern with an..details...