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We will listen to your concerns and feedback and be there for you when you need assistance.Emsisoft’s reliable and unique approach offers business partners the opportunity to reach revenue goals in a short time with easy stock license options and 24/7 support.We consider the members of our Emsisoft Local Partner Network to be the voices our customers hear and the faces of our team to the public.This is why you can always expect the best possible support and immediate feedback for any of your requests.Behind-thescene articles and looking over the shoulder of the people in production making your models for an in-depth look at the world of Märklin.Exclusive Club Models The exclusively designed and manufactured club models are made available only to Club members.You’ll find everything about your hobby here: Detailed information on layout construction, product and other technical information straight from the source, exciting reports on models, tips for forthcoming events, and lots more.Club membership includes the Märklin Magazin subscription of 33 euro.

In Categories 1 to 3, submitted certificates are used to gauge the level of commitment; additionally, submissions in categories 4 to 8 are evaluated by a jury of experts.

Many companies have turned to individual certificates to proof they’re committed to balancing economic, environmental and social concerns and to provide transparent documentation of their efforts.

The awards take this idea to the next level – they serve to comprehensively recognise achievements in this area.

What counts are not only all kinds of certificates but also non-certified in-house initiatives and contributions to sustainability.

The promotional products industry needs a sustainable face, proofing that promotional products are sustainable!

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