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The Germans took control of vast numbers of VZ24 rifles and existing bayonets.

The Germans issued and used the Czech rifles and bayonets throughout WW2 and often entire military units were issued the Czech VZ24 rifles and bayonets instead of the German K98 Mausers.

1) Small Ring M-1893-1896 1.30 in diameter are 8.50 in length, Straight side walled receiver with screw spacing of 7.620. Spanish M-93 bolts have flat bottom, DWM M-95 bolt faces are round. receiver ring, 8.50 in length, with screw spacing of 7.620.

In concert with other world powers of the day, the Czechs developed their next service rifle on the excellent qualities of the German Mauser series, in particular, the Gewehr 98 of 1898.

The system would be chambered for the 7.92x57mm cartridge and fire conventionally from a 5-round integral magazine through a manually-actuated bolt-action system.

Production naturally emanated from Brno to continue the long-standing tradition.

Initially the Germans issued existing Czech bayonets.

The Germans then had the muzzle rings ground off the captured VZ24 bayonets before issue, and then they changed the production lines to produce bayonets without the muzzle rings.

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2) M1910, M1936 Mexicans by FN and Mexico, 1.30 diameter.